Integrated data management solution

OLOS is a Swiss-based data management portal tailored for researchers and institutions. Powerful yet easy to use, OLOS works with most tools and formats across all scientific disciplines to help researchers safely manage, publish and preserve their data.


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OLOS was just presented to you and I'm very proud that OLOS is actually reaching this maturity today […] it is a very important infrastructure that Switzerland is now going to count on for the future of the support of this Open Science Programme.
Patrick Furrer // Coordinator of the swissuniversities Programme on "Scientific Information" // swissuniversities
Quite intuitive in general. Everything is quickly at hand, no need to go through a long hierarchy of menus and sub-menus.
Anonymous // Professor, head of a research group and Chief of Service // Geneva University Hospitals
One comment: What you've done is really great! I'm one of the first users and I'm delighted with the solution! Thank you for all your work.
Jérome Lacour // Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor in organic chemistry // University of Geneva