The new Swiss standard for research data management.

Data is a strategic resource for universities and research institutions. Through OLOS, organisations can more effectively manage and protect that resource. Get in touch to learn how OLOS can be customised and deployed to your institution.


Deployment options

OLOS offers durable and cost-effective long-term preservation in Switzerland.

Complete deployment flexibility

OLOS proposes a complete deployment flexibility: you can choose to use the OLOS web portal or to deploy OLOS with many different forms and configurations, in a cloud of your choice, on-premise on your own infrastructure, or a mix of both.

A Cloud-native application

OLOS is a cloud-native application based on Docker and Kubernetes, operating on a group of two or more host machines (nodes) that have their own technology, copy of the datasets and backups. The number of nodes and their geographical distribution can be specified. Multiple copies replicated across multiple locations mitigate the risk of data corruption and loss.

API-based solution

As an API-based solution, OLOS has many advantages. Thanks to its modular infrastructure, OLOS enables institutions to streamline critical data processes, enforce policies and monitor performance, with a significant spare on development and maintenance costs.

Data Security

We are aware that not only must data be easily accessible, it must also be thoroughly secured.

PREMIS preservation metadata

Preservation metadata (PREMIS) create a data-centric trust chain for submission to the repository, for archival storage and for dissemination from the repository.


Checksums are used to ensure the file’s integrity is being maintained in archival storage on a regular schedule.

Audit trails

Preservation planning tasks are monitored with administrative dashboards and notification systems, and audit trails offer a back-end view of system use.

One comment: What you've done is really great! I'm one of the first users and I'm delighted with the solution! Thank you for all your work.
Jérome Lacour // Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor in organic chemistry // University of Geneva
Quite intuitive in general. Everything is quickly at hand, no need to go through a long hierarchy of menus and sub-menus.
Anonymous // Professor, head of a research group and Chief of Service // Geneva University Hospitals

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