DevPro training - Etablir un Data Management Plan


The OLOS Association’s team is pleased to announce a new DevPro Research Data Management training, dedicated to DMP creation.

Description :

The morning part will start with an introduction to the definition of Data Management Plans (DMPs), as well as an update on the emergence of DMP requests when funding is sought for research in Switzerland. In this context, the SNSF Open Research Data policy will be presented.

In a second step, the different parts of the DMPs addressed to the SNSF will be discussed and exemplified:

  • Data collection and documentation.
  • Ethical, legal and security considerations.
  • Data storage and preservation.
  • Data sharing and reuse.

Finally, some tools to assist in the development of DMPs will be discussed.

The afternoon part will be practice-oriented. Participants will fill in their DMPs on the basis of their own research, or fictitious research that will be proposed. The results will be discussed together.

Objectives :

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • what are the aims and issues of DMPs,
  • how to complete a DMP on their own,
  • the tools and documentation to help them complete a DMP.

Speakers :

Basma Makhlouf-Shabou,PhD: Head of the Master's program in Information Science at the Geneva School of Business Administration, President of the OLOS Association;

Silas Krug: Documentary Information Specialist at the Geneva School of Business Administration, OLOS coordinator.

Place :

HES-SO Master

Avenue de Provence 6

1007 Lausanne

Duration :

1 day

Date :


Schedule :

09:00 - 17:00

Language :

French, Q&A possible in english

Registration fee :

  • HES-SO: 300.- CHF
  • Out HES-SO: 400.- CHF

Registration link :

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Best regards,

Silas Krug, OLOS coordinator