OLOS Workshop 2023

# OLOS Online Workshop 2023 - 25th September (10:00 - 12:00 UTC/GMT+1)

Data stewardship in European Space Agency (ESA)


Iolanda Maggio has a computer science background with a specialization in Data Science. She has extensive work experience in the Space and Defence Operations environment and space project development and operations service industries. Currently  she  is covering a Senior Service Manager/Engineering and Operation of Space Mission Support position on the ESA Establishment in Frascati (Rome) with  the following responsibilities: coordination of a team acting as a Team Leader, in order to manage specific projects relating to Mission Data Operation, Preservation, Reprocessing and exploitation (SEASAT, JERS-1, AVHRR/NOAA, ERS, ENVISAT, MOS, etc.) and giving support for space mission international cooperation and standardization committees activities and initiatives. She is also acting as Service Manager with responsibility in the service improvements, KPI management and Risk Management. Particularly, she is providing engineering and operations services support to ESA and Third Parties Earth Observation missions giving support to the Heritage Data Programme (HDP) for proposal definition. Concerning the Project Management skill she recently updated the PMP certification (the expiration date is on 30th of January 2021), completed the ITIL certification and finally a Master Programme in Data Science with honors.

Sabrina Pinori is the is responsible for coordination of ESA Heritage and Third-Party missions. She joined Serco in 2006, after five years of academic research, during which she earned a PhD in Atmospheric Physics. She continued to develop her extensive scientific background and knowledge at the National Council of Research from 1999 to 2006, and then at Serco, where she worked on Quality Control of several different instruments on board the ERS and Envisat satellites, in different missions’ phases.
Currently, she is part of the QA4EO (Quality Assessment for Earth Observation) ESA contract and her job mainly entails to coordinate and support ESA for the Heritage mission products reprocessing, ensuring that the data are always kept up to date, producing a long-term dataset for climatological studies, comparable and usable with operational satellites data, but also store all relevant information (documents, instrument characteristics, calibrations, and possible instruments and satellites failures and recovery) for long term data preservation.