Latest features

Released October 2, 2023

  • Institutional roles|NEW|
    It is now possible to assign role at instution level to delegate the creation and the management of organisational units
  • Data Use Agreement & Data Use Policy |NEW|
    It is now possible to add a data use agreement for sensitive archives to define how the user must use the dataset
  • Full support for data tags in sensitive datasets |IMPROVEMENT|
    - Add data use agreement within the deposit
    - Use the data use agreement when requesting archive access
    - Support Multi-Factor authentication
    - Separate archive storage for orange/red/crimson data-tag
  • Support submission agreement |NEW|
    It is now possible to specify a submission agreement in the submission policy to request once or each time an approval when submitting a deposit
  • Enhancements to pre-existing functionality |IMPROVEMENTS|
    - On non-public archives, it is possible to enable public file structure preview or not
    - In organisational unit with approval policy, the same person cannot upload and approve his/her deposit
  • User experience improvements
    - New layout for deposit creation page, with distinct sections
    - Support several publication DOIs linked to the dataset
    - Warnings to prevent selecting incompatible elements (access level / sensitivity / data use policy)
    -  Confirmation screen before deposit submission
    - Shortcuts to citation module and public page of a deposit
  • Bug fixes


Released June 28, 2022

  • Archive metadata update functionality |NEW|
    It is now possible to edit an archive’s metadata by making changes on its corresponding deposit
  • Implementation of email notifications |NEW|
    It is now possible to receive all your notifications by email. You can configure which type of notification you receive in your personal profile
  • Strengthening compliance with FAIR principles |IMPROVEMENT|
    - Implementation of ROR
    - Synchronization of ORCID with our authentication servers
    - Support for SPDX identifiers for licenses
  • Implementation of citation and bibliography export functionalities |NEW|
    Various export formats exist including APA and Vancouver.
  • Metadata form enrichment |NEW|
    - Support for DataCite metadata version 4.4
    - “DOI obsoleted by” Allows you to add the DOI of another archive that replaces the current one
    - “DOI referenced by” Allows you to indicate that your archive is referenced by another archive or by your publication
    - “DOI identical to” Allows you to indicate that your archive is identical to another one
    - "Archive Type" allows you to specify the archive’s content type
  • Increased the size limit for uploading a single file from 1GB to 6GB |IMPROVEMENT|
  • User experience improvement
  • Bug fixes