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The Advanced tier provides a range of additional features and full support tailored to meet specific needs for the publishing and preservation of your research data. OLOS collaborates with the HES-SO/HEG Research Data Coordination Desk to offer opportunities to learn about advanced functionalities that support your research data activities on the OLOS Portal.



We've simplified the creation of archives and enabled you to easily control and share your data across a variety of academic disciplines for a better, reproducible, transparent and open science


Assemble different archives within a collection to facilitate their discovery

Extended preservation duration

Ensure the long-term accessibility and preservation of your data by extending its retention for a longer period of time

Advanced features

Use optional features to improve the management and sharing of your research data beyond the FAIR-informed service that OLOS provides by default

Advanced support

Learn more about the advanced features through a community resource


Get assistance to:
  • Gather existing data archives under a collection with a unique and permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • Upload custom metadata to describe and document your research data against any metadata scheme
  • Grant or restrict access to your data files to specific team members or external people on a temporary basis
  • Define the structure of your archive for the deposit of large volumes of data
  • Extend the duration of preservation of your archives and collections
  • Validate checksums against your data files to ensure bit-level integrity
  • Perform any changes and/or correction to the documentation (metadata)