# Package: adjusted to consumed volume


The Essential package will enable you to comply with the FAIR principles and any relevant funder policy for the long-term preservation/sharing of your research data. It includes all the major features of OLOS, and provides extended documentation and best-effort support so you can get familiar with the service.



We've simplified the creation of archives and enabled you to easily control and share your data across a variety of academic disciplines for a better, reproducible, transparent and open science


In particular, you can:
  • Easily deposit any data files in all digital formats for long-term preservation and access, in a secure manner
  • Choose how long your archives need to be maintained for: 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or forever
  • Reserve a unique and permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your archives, so that it can be easily cited and linked to your publication
  • License your archives, set an embargo period and control how your data files can be accessed and used
  • Track and monitor the requests for access to your data files
  • Determine your data files' compliance level to prioritize formats that are recommended for long-term preservation
  • Assign Data Tags to determine the level of sensitivity of your data files
  • Preview your data files and choose to validate, ignore or delete files based on their status after automatic assessment and virus scanning
  • Add team members, assign a role to them and choose to enable an optional validation step in your workflow
  • Link your ORCiD to your personal profile to get your archives correctly attributed to you
  • Document your data (metadata) and include your discipline and keywords to improve the visibility of your archives in your research community
  • Upload individual files or upload data in bulk using a ZIP file which will be decompressed while preserving your folder hierarchy and data structure
  • Use the large data uploading service